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Eastern Threat Center researchers and cooperating scientists have authored and co-authored numerous publications describing research that supports natural resource management and decision making. Select a title to read the publication, or use the search feature to find publications by author, title, or keyword.


Publication Effects of land-use change and drought on decadal evapotranspiration and water balance of natural and managed forested wetlands along the southeastern US lower coastal plain
Publication Heterotrophic respiration and the divergence of productivity and carbon sequestration
Publication Identification, mitigation, and adaptation to salinization on working lands in the US Southeast
Publication Variation in results of three biology-focused search engines: a case study using North American tree species


Publication COSORE: a community database for continuous soil respiration and other soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas flux data
Publication Forest-water interactions under global change
Publication Long-term carbon flux and balance in managed and natural coastal forested wetlands of the Southeastern USA
Publication Modeling the impacts of urbanization on watershed-scale gross primary productivity and tradeoffs with water yield across the conterminous United States
Publication Pandemic spotlight on urban water quality
Publication Spectral evidence for substrate availability rather than environmental control of methane emissions from a coastal forested wetland
Publication The mitigation strategy of automobile generated fine particle pollutants by applying vegetation configuration in a street-canyon


Publication An investigation on the leaf accumulation-removal efficiency of atmospheric particulate matter for five urban plant species under different rainfall regimes
Publication Data on projections of surface water withdrawal, consumption, and availability in the conterminous United States through the 21st century
Publication Disentangling the effects of temperature, moisture, and substrate availability on soil CO2 efflux
Publication Effects of microtopography on absorptive and transport fine root biomass, necromass, production, mortality and decomposition in a coastal freshwater forested wetland, southeastern USA
Publication Fire, forests and city water supplies
Publication Managing forests for both downstream and downwind water
Publication Understanding the role of regional water connectivity in mitigating climate change impacts on surface water supply stress in the United States
Publication Using d13C and d18O to analyze loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) response to experimental drought and fertilization
Publication Wildland fire impacts on water yield across the contiguous United States
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