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EFETAC researchers and cooperating scientists have authored and co-authored numerous publications describing research that supports natural resource management and decision making. Select a title below to read journal and magazine articles, or search for publications by author, title, or keyword using the search feature on the right side of this page.


Publication A Bayesian model identifying locations at risk from human-transported exotic pathogens
Publication Balancing large-scale wildlife protection and forest management goals with a game-theoretic approach
Publication Considerations regarding species distribution models for forest insects
Publication Continent-wide tree fecundity driven by indirect climate effects
Publication Developing a set of indicators to identify, monitor, and track impacts and change in forests of the United States
Publication Effects of land-use change and drought on decadal evapotranspiration and water balance of natural and managed forested wetlands along the southeastern US lower coastal plain
Publication Estimates of precipitation IDF curves and design discharges for road-crossing drainage structures: case study in four small forested watersheds in the southeastern US
Publication Exploring the tradeoffs among forest planning, roads, and wildlife corridors: a new approach
Publication Genetic diversity is considered important but interpreted narrowly in country reports to the Convention on Biological Diversity: current actions and indicators are insufficient
Publication Habitat characteristics and population structure of Dipteris chinensis, a relict plant in China
Publication Heterotrophic respiration and the divergence of productivity and carbon sequestration
Publication Identification, mitigation, and adaptation to salinization on working lands in the US Southeast
Publication Scientists' warning on extreme wildfire risks to water supply
Publication The United States' implementation of the Montreal Process indicator of forest fragmentation
Publication The ecology of COVID-19 and related environmental and sustainability issues
Publication The role of regional ecological assessment in quantifying ecosystem services for forest management
Publication Using "management mosaics" to mitigate the impacts from extreme wildfires


Publication Impacts of urbanization on watershed water balances across the conterminous United States
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