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Eastern Threat Center researchers and cooperating scientists have authored and co-authored numerous publications describing research that supports natural resource management and decision making. Select a title to read the publication, or use the search feature to find publications by author, title, or keyword.


Publication Species invasions on islands: searching for general patterns and principles
Publication Using ecological memory as an indicator to monitor the ecological restoration of four forest plantations in subtropical China


Publication Can thinning of overstorey trees and planting of native tree saplings increase the establishment of native trees in exotic Acacia plantations in South China?
Publication Climate-induced changes in vulnerability to biological threats in the southern United States
Publication Effect of urbanization on the structure and functional traits of remnant subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests in South China
Publication Global variation in elevational diversity patterns
Publication Improving restoration to control plant invasions under climate change
Publication Positive plant diversity-soil stability relationships are mediated through roots in the Songnen Grassland: Chronosequence evidence
Publication Testing the stress-gradient hypothesis during the restoration of tropical degraded land using the shrub Rhodomyrtus tomentosa as a nurse plant
Publication What does productivity really mean? Towards an integrative paradigm in the search for biodiversity-productivity relationships


Publication Climate change and invasive plants in forests and rangelands
Publication Forest restoration in China: advances, obstacles, and perspectives
Publication Geographical, socioeconomic, and ecological determinants of exotic plant naturalization in the United States: insights and updates from improved data
Publication Incorporating latitudinal and central-marginal trends in assessing genetic variation across species ranges
Publication Latitudinal shifts of introduced species: possible causes and implications
Publication Potential alternatives to classical biocontrol: Using native agents in invaded habitats and genetically engineered sterile cultivars for invasive plant management
Publication Wild plant species with extremely small populations require conservation and reintroduction in China


Publication Book Review: Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions
Publication Counting "exotics"
Publication Natural and human dimensions of a quasi-wild species: the case of kudzu
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