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Eastern Threat Center researchers and cooperating scientists have authored and co-authored numerous publications describing research that supports natural resource management and decision making. Select a title to read the publication, or use the search feature to find publications by author, title, or keyword.


Publication Effects of spring drought on carbon sequestration, evapotranspiration and water use efficiency in the Songnen meadow steppe in northeast China
Publication Evapotranspiration and soil water relationships in a range of disturbed and undisturbed ecosystems in the semi-arid Inner Mongolia, China
Publication Forest ecohydrological processes in a changing environment
Publication Forest ecohydrological research in the 21st century: what are the critical needs?
Publication Greening China naturally
Publication Impacts of tropospheric ozone and climate change on net primary productivity and net carbon exchange of China’s forest ecosystems
Publication Modeling impacts of environmental change on ecosystem services across the conterminous United States
Publication Modeling potential evapotranspiration of two forested watersheds in the southern Appalachians
Publication Seasonal rainfall-runoff relationships in a lowland forested watershed in the southeastern USA
Publication Upscaling key ecosystem functions across the conterminous United States by a water-centric ecosystem model
Publication Urbanization alters watershed hydrology in the Piedmont of North Carolina


Publication A continuous measure of gross primary production for the conterminous United States derived from MODIS and AmeriFlux data
Publication Bi-criteria evaluation of the MIKE SHE model for forested watershed on the South Carolina coastal plain
Publication Corrigendum: "Energy and water balance of two contrasting loblolly pine plantations on the lower coastal plain of North Carolina, USA" [Foreco 259: 1299–1310]
Publication Energy and water balance of two contrasting loblolly pine plantations on the lower coastal plain of North Carolina, USA
Publication Hydraulic redistribution of soil water by roots affects whole-stand evapotranspiration and net ecosystem carbon exchange
Publication Managing landscapes at multiple scales for sustainability of ecosystem functions (Preface)
Publication Model estimates of net primary productivity, evapotranspiration, and water use efficiency in the terrestrial ecosystems of the southern United States during 1895–2007
Publication Response of carbon fluxes to drought in a coastal plain loblolly pine forest
Publication Sensitivity of stream flow and water table depth to potential climatic variability in a coastal forested watershed
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