2011 Accomplishment Highlights

Center Accomplishments At-A-Glance

Refereed and non-refereed publications - 80

Educational, professional, and lay organization presentations and tours - 54

Presentations to scientific and professional organizations - 119


Research, Science Delivery, and Partnership Highlights 


Awards and Honors

EFETAC researchers, collaborators, and support teams were honored for innovative research and technology transfer efforts:

• Regional Forester’s Honor Award for Technology Transfer from the Southern Region for the development of the Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options.

• Staff Director’s Award for Forest Inventory and Analysis Excellence from Forest Service Research and Development, Quantitative Sciences, for leadership and excellence in the completion of data collection manuals and documentation.

• Best Poster Award from the Belle Baruch Foundation, “Range-Wide Assessment of Genetic Variation and Structure in Eastern Hemlock, an Imperiled Conifer, Using Microsatellites.”


International Activities

EFETAC scientists and collaborators continue to expand research and partnership opportunities globally:

• Visited Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia with support from International Programs to conduct a study on payments for ecosystem services.

• Engaged in ongoing research collaboration with the European Commission, Joint Research Centre, on models and methods for quantifying and mapping landscape patterns.

• Hosted an 11-member delegation from Beijing City Government for a one-week advanced training workshop on carbon sequestration and climate change.

• Delivered three invited presentations on Data Mining for Forest Threats at the Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science, International Conference on Computational Science, Republic of Singapore.

• Served as a founding member and webmaster of the International Pest Risk Mapping Workgroup and member of the planning committee for the 5th International Pest Risk Mapping Workshop.

• Engaged in collaborative research with the Canadian Forest Service, Great Lakes Forestry Centre, to faciliate and harmonize research on invasive species modeling and mapping.

• Delivered an oral presentation at the International Union of Forest Research Organizations International Conference, “Restoring Forests: Advances in Techniques and Theory,” Madrid, Spain.

• Delivered an oral presentation at the 2011 World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling, Ottawa, Canada. 

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