Project Summaries

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Page Assessing forest carbon sequestration and water supply interactions as influenced by climate and management practices: Papers and presentations Page
Page Quantifying Large-Scale Patterns of Forest Fire Occurrence Page
Image hotspots of fire occurrence across the conterminous united states for 2015 Image
Image ecoregion fire occurrence, 2001-2014 Image
Image detecting large-scale spatial hot spots of forest fire occurrence using modis satellite data Image
File potter-detecting-hot-spots-fire-modis.pdf File
File The aftermath of an invasion: Structure and composition of Central Appalachian hemlock forests following establishment of the hemlock woolly adelgid, Adelges tsugae File
File A glimpse at future forests: predicting the effects of Phytophthora ramorum on oak forests of southern Appalachia File
Page Yellow birch and acid deposition in the Southern Appalachians Page
Image yellow birch damage Image
Image damage index Image
Image regeneration Image
Page Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) impacts on riparian forest structure and function, and improved techniques for its management: 5-year post-treatment evaluation Page
Page Development of host preference-risk assessment maps for Eurasian woodwasp (Sirex noctilio) on southern conifer species Page
Page Developing methods to detect parasitoids released for biological control of the emerald ash borer Page
Page Quantified ground survey technologies for emerald ash borer Page
Page Potential of MODIS forest change products for estimating percent forest mortality from mountain pine beetle outbreaks: comparison of MODIS and aerial data products for an area in the Colorado Rockies Page
Image TACCIMO--Science at your Fingertips Image
Page The live plant forest pest invasion pathway: economic impacts and benefits of US live plant imports Page
File sun_2011_usccc.pdf File
File Exploiting_Allee_effects.pdf File
File Optimal_surveillance_and_eradication.pdf File
File Bioeconomic_synergy.pdf File
File Boggs_BMP_Effectiveness_WRRI2012.pdf File
File Boggsetalwaterquantityandquality2012.pdf File
File KatyaStromeventrainfallrunoffresponseincsbandtbcatchments.pdf File
File Dreps_Thesis_Final.pdf File
Image ESMP_erosion.png Image
Page Quantifying large-scale patterns of forest fire occurrence: publications and presentations Page
Page Partnership for Landscape Pattern Analysis: A Consortium without Walls Page
Image fragmentation.jpg Image
Image interior_forest_loss.png Image
Page Modeling and mapping landscape pattern resilience and vulnerability Page
Image plant_available_nitrogen.jpg Image
Page Early detection and mapping of the emerald ash borer Page
Page Effects of wildland fires and fuel treatment strategies on water quantity across the contiguous United States Page
File Designing_efficient_surveys.pdf File
File copy_of_Designing_efficient_surveys.pdf File
File Determinants_of_successful_arthropod_eradication_programs.pdf File
Page Assessment of ecosystem services and environmental threats across the Appalachians Page
Image AppalachianLCC.tif Image
Image AppalachianLCC.jpg Image
Page Decision support smartphone application for forest health in the eastern United States Page
Image wildfire_and_water_quality_study.png Image
Image Earth_System_Modeling_Project_model_parameters.jpg Image
Image wildfire_and_water_quality_study_watersheds.jpg Image
Image WaSSI_mean_annual_ET_and_water_yield.jpg Image
File Timber_harvest_study_EFETAC.pdf File
File Prescribed_fire_study_EFETAC.pdf File
File EffectsofPrescribedBurningonWaterandFuels.pdf File
Page Effects of prescribed burning on stream water quantity, quality, and fuel loads in a small Piedmont watershed in North Carolina Page
Image Urbanness_CONUS_FCAV.jpg Image
Image Urbanness_eastern_cities_FCAV.jpg Image
Image Urbanness_Chicago_opaque_raster_FCAV.jpg Image
Image Urbanness_Chicago_transparent_isopleth_FCAV.jpg Image
Image Urbanness_Texas_twin_cities_FCAV.jpg Image
Image Urbanness_North_Carolina_cities_FCAV.jpg Image
Image Urbanness_North_Carolina_cities2_FCAV.jpg Image
Image Urbanness_North_Carolina_cities3_FCAV.jpg Image
Page Developing methods to mitigate impacts of oak decline in the Ozark National Forest Page
Image genetic_risk_assessment_system_prioritization_framework.jpg Image
Image EAB_mapping.jpg Image
File Benefits_of_invasion_prevention.pdf File
Image wildland_fire_study_sites.png Image
Image Prescribed_fire.jpg Image
Page Classifying and communicating landscape vegetation structure with LiDAR Page
File Reduce_Hazards.pdf File
File Culture_and_tradition.pdf File
File Discussion.pdf File
File Lo_Que_Valoramos.pdf File
File Valorar_los_servicios_ecologicos.pdf File
Image Oak decline research plot Image
File Ecosystem_Benefits_and_Risks_Factsheet_2016.pdf File
Page LanDAT: the Landscape Dynamics Assessment Tool Page
Image Land_use_interests2.jpg Image
Image Monitoring_landscape_dynamics.jpg Image
Image Accessible_costeffective_tools_for_characterizing_landscapes.jpg Image
Image HFW2TreatmentWatershedHillForest.jpg Image
Image New_display_Mt.Ascutney.jpg Image
Image Climate_change_impacts_on_water_yield.jpg Image
Page Forest Plan Database Exchange of Current Knowledge (FP_DECK) Page
Image monitoringlandscapedynamicsthrough15plusyears.PNG Image
Image userfriendlymaplayersforevaluating.PNG Image
Image LanDAT_intro.png Image
Image USCCC_Carbon_and_water_flux_measurement_sites.jpg Image
Image Forest_importance_to_surface_drinking_water.jpg Image
Image Total_forest_carbon_density.jpg Image
Image Projected_population.jpg Image
Image Shale_gas_development_probability.jpg Image
Page USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub Page
Image Earth_System_Modeling_Project_projected_GEP_changes.jpg Image
Page Variability in tree transpiration across buffer and upland zones in a small headwater catchment Page
Page Effects of species conversion on transpiration and streamflow in the Piedmont of North Carolina Page
Image Annual_increase_in_biomass_post_timber_harvest.jpg Image
Image Changes_in_measured_discharge_after_timber_harvest.jpg Image
Image fire_hotspots_2017_061818.png Image
Image fire_means_SD_deviations_061818.png Image
Page Assessing regional-scale patterns of insect and disease damage to forests Page
Image IDS_mortality_hotspots_2016_061818.png Image
Image IDS_defoliation_Alaska_2016_061818.png Image
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