Biography of Bjorn Brooks

bjorn_portrait2012.pngBjorn Brooks is an ORISE Fellow at the Eastern Threat Center. He is a computational scientist that specializes in applying scientific computing to geoscience applications, environmental monitoring and prediction. His current work involves investigating ecosystem dynamics through the application of information theory to land surface phenology. His work is examining new ways to use satellite remote sensing to understand the capacities of vegetated ecosystems to endure disturbances of different kinds. From 2013 to 2014, Dr. Brooks worked as a research associate and faculty member at Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. From 2009-2013 he completed postdocs at the University of Wisconsin and University of Illinois. He holds a PhD in geology and BS in biology from Iowa State University, and an MSc from the University of Bristol, England.

Learn more about Bjorn Brooks' work:

LanDAT: Landscape Dynamics Assessment Tools

Bjorn Brooks' personal website

Contact Bjorn Brooks at or (828) 257-4850.

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