Eastern Threat Center scientists create posters that help communicate research and engage audiences in conversation, especially at meetings, conferences, and other events.

Norman_2016_fall_fires_USIALE_2017.jpgThe extreme fall 2016 wildfire season of the Southern Appalachians, 2017







Koch_IRFIS_2017.jpgComparing socioeconomic characteristics of households affected by two forest pests, 2017








Mitra_NACP_Conference_poster.jpgDisentangling the effects of temperature and substrate availability on soil CO2 efflux, 2017






Potter_Carolina_hemlock_GCTS_poster_2016.jpgPopulation Isolation Results in High Inbreeding and Differentiation in Carolina Hemlock (Tsuga caroliniana), 2016






Underwood_Norman_Teraoka_Canoe_Fire_2016.jpgOld-growth Forest Changes After the 2003 Canoe Fire, 2016





Christie_Norman_IALE_2016_poster.jpgDistinguishing Ephemeral from Seasonally Persistent Forest Disturbances Using NDVI Time Series, 2016






Land_Formations_poster_MBahr_2016.jpgLand Formations (student poster), 2016




Cleaner_Air_and_Healthier_Forests_Mt._Ascutney.jpgCleaner Air and Healthier Forests: A Science and Policy Success Story (interpretive panel display on Mt. Ascutney, VT), 2016





Climate_Change_and_Forests_Mt._Ascutney_2016.jpgClimate Change and Forests (interpretive panel display on Mt. Ascutney, VT), 2016





Weiner_AGU2015.jpgVegetation Canopy Structure and Distribution for Great Smoky Mountains National Park Using LiDAR, 2015






Norman_AFE_2015.jpgHigh Frequency Monitoring of Fire Regimes and Ecological Resilience across the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, 2015





Forest_landscape_patterns_poster.jpgForest Landscape Patterns: Research, Monitoring, Assessment, 2015





URI_hydrological_responses_poster.jpgHydrological Responses to Urbanization in the Urban-rural Interface in Nanjing, China
, 2015







Potter_biomass_biodiversity_IUFRO_2014.jpgDoes Biodiversity Make a Difference? Evolutionary Diversity Indicators of Forest Ecosystem Function Across Broad Regions, 2014




AGU2014_historic_drought_impacts_poster.jpgImpacts of Historic Drought on Water Yield and Ecosystem Productivity across the United States National Forests and Grasslands, 2014





SNorman_AGU2014.jpgA Global Classification of Contemporary Fire Regimes, 2014





ETreasure_Climate_Change_El_Yunque_NF.jpgClimate Change and Your National Forest: Assessing the Potential Impacts of Climate Change on El Yunque National Forest, 2014



PRIDE_2014.jpgPredicting Regional Invasion Dynamic Processes (PRIDE): A Functional Trait Based, Multi-scale Research Framework, 2014






Hoagland_2014_ITC_poster.jpgLandscape-scale Assessment of Mexican Spotted Owl Nesting Habitat Using MODIS Imagery, 2014

SThompson_hemlock_mortality_poster.jpgExamining Hemlock Mortality in the Southern Appalachians Through Decline Mapping and Comparative Viewshed Analysis, 2014





Noormets_AGU_2013.jpgA Framework for Analyzing the Effect of Management on Forest Carbon Fluxes, 2013






Norman_agu2013_fireposter.jpgA Framework for Predicting Post-wildfire Trajectories with Desired Conditions Using NDVI Time Series, 2013





IALE_2013_hemlock.jpgMapping Hemlock Decline in the Southern Appalachians Using High and Moderate Resolution Imagery, 2013







Potter_hemlock_ASTF_poster_2013.jpgRange-Wide Assessment of Genetic Variation and Structure in Eastern Hemlock, an Imperiled Conifer, Using Microsatellites, 2013

usfs_poster_nyungwe_25th_anniversary.jpgAssessing the Impacts of Climate Change and Landuse Practices on Water Quality and Quantity in Rwanda, 2013






Norman_ANREP_20120511_CRAFT.jpgA Comparative Risk Assessment Framework for Making Complex Decisions, 2012






Norman_AGU2012_ForWarn_FireRecovery.jpgLong-Term Post-Wildfire Monitoring of Phenology and Recovery Using a MODIS Time Series, 2012






Christie_SAMAB_2012.jpgThe Tornado Outbreak of April 2011 Recorded by the USDA Forest Service's "Forest Change Assessment Viewer," 2012






AGU2012ETposter.jpgEnvironmental Controls of Ecosystem Evapotranspiration (ET): Why Generalized ET Models Do Not Work for Forests, 2012 Assessments of Forest Tree Genetic Risk from Climate Change, 2012






PotterHargrove_TACF_poster_2012.jpgTools for Factoring Climate Change into American Chestnut Restoration Efforts, 2012






Norman_RedwoodSymposium_2011_Headwaters.jpgInsights into the Vegetational Development of Headwaters Forest Reserve, 2011





Potter_SFTIC_ForGRAS_poster_2011.jpgA Multi-Species Assessment of Relative Genetic Degradation Risk from Climate Change and Other Threats, 2011






PotterHargrove_SAMAB_poster_2010.jpgPopulation-Level Assessment of Climate Change Genetic Risk in North American Forest Trees, 2010






PotterWoodall_IUFRO_poster_2010.jpgCombining Forest Tree Demography and Evolutionary History to Detect Potential Climate Change Effects on Regional Biodiversity, 2010

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