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Danny C. Lee, EFETAC Director

Danny C. Lee

Center Director, Asheville Office ( or 828-257-4854)

Current Research: system analysis, risk assessment, large scale ecosystem management

Education: PhD, Texas A&M University, wildlife fisheries sciences; MS, University of Tennessee, ecology; MS, Louisiana State University, applied statistics; BA, University of Tennessee, zoology

Research Interests: system analysis, risk assessment, wildfire analysis, ecosystem management, ecology, ecological modeling

Professional Affiliations: Society of American Foresters, Ecological Society of America, American Fisheries Society



Steve McNulty

Research Ecologist and Team Leader, Southeast Regional Climate Hub Director, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4068)

Current Research: forest modeling, forest management, climate change

Education: PhD, University of New Hampshire, natural resources; MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, forestry; BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, natural resources

Research Interests: forest hydrology, wildlife and forestry diversity, climate change, environmental stress, nitrogen deposition, atmospheric carbon dioxide, soil erosion


Kurt Riitters

Kurt Riitters

Research Ecologist and Team Leader, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4015)

Current Research: national and global scale landscape pattern assessment and management

Education: PhD, Oregon State University, forest science; MF, University of Minnesota, forest management; BES, University of Minnesota, elected studies

Research Interests: landscape ecology, resource planning, forest fragmentation, forest spatial pattern assessment, socio-ecological systems, forest health, silviculture, remote sensing, land cover maps, Montreal Process

Professional Affiliations: International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE, US Section), Internationalen Gesellschaft für Landschaftsökologie (IALE, German Section)

Michelle_Baumflek.jpgMichelle Baumflek

Research Biologist, Asheville Office ( or 828-257-4887)

Current Research: sustainable harvesting and management of nontimber forest products, traditional ecological knowledge, Native American resource access

Education: PhD, Cornell University, natural resources; MS, University of Vermont, natural resources management; BS, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, environmental biology

Research Interests: nontimber forest products, ethnobiology, traditional ecological knowledge, traditional phenological knowledge, climate change adaptation, biocultural diversity, resource access

Professional Affiliations: Society of Ethnobiology, Association of American Geographers, Native American and Indigenous Studies Association


johnnyboggs612.jpgJohnny Boggs

Biological Scientist, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4060)

Current Research: impacts of nitrogen deposition on nutrient cycling and forest productivity, effectiveness of forestry best management practices on water quality protection

Education: MS, Alabama A&M University, plant and soil science; BS, Alabama A&M University, plant and soil science

Research Interests: outreach, stream management, water quality, forest management, climate change, nitrogen deposition, nutrient cycling

Professional Affiliations: Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences

Biological Scientist, Asheville Office ( or 828-257-4370)

Current Research: geographic information systems and remote sensing

Education: MS, University of South Carolina, geography (remote sensing, GIS); BS, Middle Tennessee State University, geography; AS, Lake City Forest Ranger School, forestry

Research Interests: technical and analytical geographic information systems operations, creating web-based mapping applications, technology transfer, creating partnerships


michaelgavazzi612.jpg Michael Gavazzi

Biological Scientist, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4064)

Current Research: forest carbon, climate change and prescribed fire

Education: MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, forestry; BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, business

Research Interests: carbon, biomass, soil respiration, field data collection, disturbance, forest growth and productivity models, prescribed fire, wildfire risk assessment


Qinfeng Guo Qinfeng Guo

Research Ecologist, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4043)

Current Research: invasive plants, community ecology, biogeography

Education: PhD, University of New Mexico, biology (ecology); MS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, botany; BS, Hebei Normal University, physical geography

Research Interests: invasive plants, plant community ecology, invasives and climate change, biogeography, biodiversity, biological invasions, plant and community succession, community and ecosystem self-organization

Professional Affiliations: Chinese Ecologists Association Overseas (Sino-ECO), American Association for the Advancement of Science, Ecological Society of America


William (Bill) Hargrove William Hargrove

Ecologist, Asheville Office ( or 828-257-4846)

Current Research: national early warning system

Education: PhD, University of Georgia, ecology; MS, University of Georgia, entomology; BS, Vanderbilt University, biology

Research Interests: landscape ecology, ecoregionalization, conservation, statistics, parallel computation, spatially-explicit simulation modeling, multi-dimensional GIS technologies, entomology, GPS

Professional Affiliations: International Association for Landscape Ecology, American Geophysical Union, American Institute of Biological Sciences, Society of American Foresters, Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute, USA National Phenology Network

Frank Koch Frank Koch

Research Ecologist, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4006)

Current Research: forest pest invasions, particularly spatio-temporal aspects

Education: PhD, North Carolina State University, forestry; MS, North Carolina State University, natural resources; BS, Duke University, art design and philosophy

Research Interests: invasive forest pests, risk analysis, pest risk models and maps, uncertainty, human-mediated dispersal pathways, forest health

Professional Affiliations: Society for Risk Analysis, Entomological Society of America, International Pest Risk Mapping Workgroup


Erika CohenErika Mack

Resource Information Specialist, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4065)

Current Research: modeling regional to continental scale water supply stress and critical loads of nitrogen and sulfur in forest soils

Education: MS, University of Mississippi, geology (emphasis on GIS and remote sensing); BS, North Carolina State University, geology

Research Interests: geographical information systems (GIS), remote sensing, water, critical loads, climate change


stevenorman_2013jan4b.jpg Steve Norman

Ecologist, Asheville Office ( or 828-259-0535)

Current Research: wildland fire, land surface phenology, comparative risk assessment

Education: PhD, Pennsylvania State University, geography; MS, Western Illinois University, geography; BS, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, geography and environmental science

Research Interests: novel changes in disturbance and ecosystems, restoration ecology, integrating multiple values in planning and management

Professional Affiliations: Ecological Society of America, International Association for Landscape Ecology, Association for Fire Ecology, Tree Ring Society, American Geophysical Union


larspomara.jpgLars Pomara

Ecologist, Asheville Office ( or 828-257-4357)

Current Research: Assessment and Inventory of Ecosystem Services and Environmental Threats across the Appalachians

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin, geography and the environment; MS, University of Georgia, wildlife ecology; BS, University of Dallas, biology

Research Interests: conservation, biogeography, landscape ecology, tropical ecology, ornithology, climate change ecology, spatially explicit demographic modeling, species distribution modeling

Professional Affiliations: International Association for Landscape Ecology, American Ornithological Union, Association of American Geographers, Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation


gesun612.jpg Ge Sun

Research Hydrologist, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4070)

Current Research: forest hydrology and climate change

Education: PhD, University of Florida, forest hydrology and watershed management; MS, Beijing Forestry University, forest hydrology; BS, Beijing Forestry University, soil and water conservation

Research Interests: forest hydrology, climate change, computer simulation, geographical information systems, remote sensing, water supply and demand, forestry best management practices, soil erosion, sediment transport, forest wetlands

Professional Affiliations: American Water Resources Association, American Geophysical Union


sarah_wiener.jpgSarah Wiener

Southeast Regional Climate Hub Fellow, Research Triangle Park Office ( or 919-549-4073)

Current Research: climate change adaptation in working lands, use of tools in climate change adaptation

Education: MS, North Carolina State University, Forestry; MS, University of Helsinki, International Forest Science and Business; BA, Iona College, International Studies

Research Interests: climate change resilience, rural communities, indigenous land rights


Additional Eastern Threat Center staff members:
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