'Focus on Water' Video Shows Connection Between Modeling Tools and Future Pine Forest Management


SMcNulty_PINEMAP_video.jpgTwenty million acres of private lands in the southern United States host planted pine forests and are significant sources of economic activity and ecological services. To help landowners manage pine for resilience and sustainability in a changing environment, Eastern Threat Center researchers and cooperating scientists are engaged in the Pine Integrated Network: Education, Mitigation, and Adaptation (PINEMAP) project. The researchers are using models to explore carbon and water cycle responses and tradeoffs under various climatic and management scenarios. In a video prepared for the project, Eastern Threat Center research ecologist Steve McNulty explains how models are useful for planning and preparation and provides an overview of the Water Supply Stress Index (WaSSI) model, which can inform land management decisions to preserve and increase the benefits provided by pine forests of the South. Watch the video…


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