National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Showcases Priorities and Opportunities


TheNationalStrategy_April2014.jpgIn recent years, more numerous and intense incidents of wildland fire in the United States have resulted in devastating losses of property and human lives. The new realities of wildland fire require strategic investments and coordination across jurisdictions in order to confront risk and reduce loss through a combination of efforts: maintenance and restoration of resilient landscapes, creation of fire-adapted communities, and effective wildfire response. These are the goals of the recently released National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy, a multi-year project involving federal, state, local, and tribal governments; nongovernmental organizations; and public stakeholders. In order to develop a science-based Cohesive Strategy, a National Science and Analysis Team (NSAT) evaluated risks and trade-offs associated with various wildland fire management alternatives. Eastern Threat Center Director Danny C. Lee co-leads the NSAT, which will continue to support the Cohesive Strategy through its implementation.


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