Tree Range Shifts Among Discover Magazine's Top 100 Stories of 2017


Discover_JanFeb2018.jpgEach year, a special issue of Discover magazine highlights the top 100 science stories of the previous year. Ranked number 59 on the most recent list is a story based on research coauthored by Kevin Potter, a North Carolina State University scientist cooperating with the Eastern Threat Center. Potter and colleagues from Purdue University and the Southern Research Station analyzed extensive data on 86 tree species in the eastern United States and found that most trees have been shifting their ranges westward or northward in response to temperature and precipitation changes. (Their results were published in the May 2017 issue of Science Advances.) The top story on the Discover magazine list? The total solar eclipse that captured the nation's attention on August 21. Learn more about the study on tree range shifts, and check out Discover's Top 100 list in the January/February 2018 issue...


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