Forest ThreatNet

Volume 10, Issue 3 - July/August 2016

Researchers Awarded Grant for Large-Scale Study of Plant and Insect Invasion Dynamics

Qinfeng_Guo_and_Kevin_Potter.jpgEastern Threat Center scientists are hoping they have the ‘MIDAS touch’ when it comes to answering a major question about plant and insect invasions in the United States. Research ecologist Qinfeng Guo and North Carolina State University cooperator Kevin Potter have received a nearly $1 million National Science Foundation grant to lead a project called “Modeling Invasion Dynamics Across Scales (MIDAS).” The five-year project seeks to uncover the underlying biological, geophysical, and socioeconomic factors that lead to the emergence of the macroscale patterns of plant and insect invasions, and will involve many collaborators including Center research ecologist Bill Hargrove, and partners from Purdue University and Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis and Northern Research Station. Research results are intended to enhance future invasion prediction, proactive policy making, and invasion management.

Pictured: Researchers Qinfeng Guo and Kevin Potter. Photos by U.S. Forest Service.

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