Forest ThreatNet

Volume 10, Issue 5 - Nov. / Dec. 2016

Climate Change Resource Center Delivers New Education Module

Screenshot from CCRC education moduleWith so many challenges and options to consider, forest managers wondering, “What is the right way to respond to current and future climate change?” may need to reframe the question. “There is no single ‘right’ way to respond to climate change,” explains the narrator in a new U.S. Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) education module, “and many different actions will be needed to address the challenges.” The module, “Responses to Climate Change: What You Need to Know,” provides a brief overview of resistance, resilience, and transition—approaches that can help forests adapt to climate change—and ways to incorporate these ideas into natural resource planning and activities. Interactive features allow users to control their learning experience, with plenty of opportunities to explore additional information and examples of managers adapting to climate change in a variety of forests. The main material is followed by a regionally-specific activity: creation of an adaptation plan based on real-world examples. Read more in CompassLive...

Pictured: The CCRC “Responses to Climate Change” education module can help users understand how to incorporate resistance, resilience, and transition into natural resource planning and activities.

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