Forest ThreatNet

Volume 11, Issue 1 - January/February 2017

Developers Seek Feedback on Email Alert Products

SERCH_EAB_alert.jpgTwo email alert products in development by the Eastern Threat Center-hosted USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH) can help land managers anticipate threats and act accordingly. A Fire Weather Alert, calculated using the Keetch-Byrum Drought Index (KBDI) in partnership with the State Climate Office of North Carolina and their Fire Weather Intelligence Portal, notifies subscribers about weather conditions for wildfire risk and prescribed burning suitability. An Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Alert notifies subscribers of when and where the insects are expected to reach adult flying stage. Calculated from past climate, accumulated degree days, and weather forecasts, the EAB Alert can aid planning for trapping and monitoring activities. SERCH staff members are seeking feedback on the alerts' structure and design from target users. View examples and provide feedback on the Fire Weather Alert and the EAB Alert. For more information, contact SERCH Fellow Sarah Wiener at or 919-515-9490.

The fire weather and EAB alerts are part of the SERCH LIGHTS email alert system.

Pictured: An example of the EAB Alert forecasts when the insects are expected to reach adult flying stage during a two-week window near Wake County, North Carolina. Click to enlarge.

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