Forest ThreatNet

Volume 11, Issue 4 - Fall 2017

Message from the Director

Ge_Sun_and_Forest_Service_leadership.jpgRecently, I had the pleasure of attending the USDA Forest Service Chief’s Honor Awards ceremony in Washington, DC. One of our scientists, Ge Sun, received an award under the category of “Applying Knowledge Globally,” recognizing his many years of outstanding work on understanding the relationships among forests and water in a changing environment.

This was my first chance to view the awards ceremony in person, and I was quite impressed with all the awardees and the amazing work they do. I came away with an even greater appreciation of the diverse and far-reaching activities of the Forest Service and pride in the creativity, dedication, and energy displayed by our employees. I know that for every awardee that took the stage there are literally thousands of other Forest Service employees working just as tirelessly and diligently to serve the American public.

The ceremony also got me thinking about the work of the Eastern Threat Assessment Center--how we do it and the impact it has. I am fortunate to work with an outstanding staff that excels across the board. I’m also pleased, and frankly humbled, that our work has frequently been recognized through formal awards. Collectively, we’ve received numerous individual and group awards over the years from both within and outside the Forest Service. For example, this year Bill Hargrove will become the fourth scientist in our unit to receive the Southern Research Station’s Director’s Distinguished Scientist Award, joining previous winners Steve McNulty, Kurt Riitters, and Ge Sun. Other staff members have been similarly recognized, and team efforts like ForWarn and TACCIMO have garnered awards as well.

Everyone wants to feel that their efforts are valued and appreciated. Awards are one means we have for showing affirmation in a time when so many other factors and competing priorities seemingly depreciate the value of science and public service. To the staff of the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center and Forest Service employees everywhere, thank you for your unwavering dedication to caring for the land and serving people.

- Danny C. Lee

Pictured: Ge Sun (front row, center) displays his Chief's Honor Award for "Applying Knowledge Globally." Chief Tony Tooke sits to his left and Center Director Danny Lee to his right. Photo by U.S. Forest Service.

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