Forest ThreatNet

Volume 12, Issue 3 - Summer 2018

Message from the Director (and the Editor)

DannyLeeatRTPlab_2012.jpgThirty-three issues. By my count, that’s how many issues of Forest ThreatNet precede this one. And that’s how many issues that Stephanie Worley Firley has shaped as editor, assistant editor, or contributing writer. This will be her last, as Stephanie is moving up to another position with the Southern Research Station. To mark the occasion and thank her for the many years of exceptional service, I’ve invited Stephanie to share this space with a message of her own below.

- Danny C. Lee


“In forests as in life, the only constant is change.” So began an article I wrote in 2012 about Eastern Threat Center scientists’ efforts to project where tree species will grow in the future amid changing conditions. Adaptation to change has been an underlying theme in much of my work as I've endeavored to tell the stories of the Center's research through a variety of formats, including this news update.

This will be the last issue of Forest ThreatNet you’ll receive from me as August 31 was my final day with the Eastern Threat Center. It has been my honor and pleasure to serve the Center and its audiences for the past 11 years. As you’ve read these news updates, I hope you’ve learned something interesting, useful, or fun. I have certainly appreciated your feedback and engagement around the topics we’ve covered.

My career transition marks a big change for me personally and for the Center, but change brings different opportunities to adapt and grow. My departure will leave space for a new team member to continue the dialogue around the Center’s efforts to generate knowledge and tools needed to address environmental threats. I look forward to reading the stories they will tell!  


With gratitude,

Stephanie Worley Firley

Editor, Forest ThreatNet

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