Forest ThreatNet

Volume 6, Issue 3 - August/September 2013

Eastern Threat Center Highlights

Project CAPTURE Targets Risky Forest Threats

kevinpottermay2012.jpgSeveral threats will increase the risk that forest trees could experience population or species-level extinction. However, differences in species traits could drive varying responses to these threats. Kevin Potter (right), cooperating Eastern Threat Center researcher with North Carolina State University, is leading the three-year Project CAPTURE (Conservation Assessment and Prioritization of Forest Trees Under Risk of Extirpation) to determine which forest tree species to target for monitoring, management, and conservation. These activities will be critical for the Forest Service and other state and federal agencies.


USDA Climate Change Hubs Promote Federal Partnerships

USDAhubs.jpgUSDA is creating regional hubs for risk adaptation and mitigation to climate change. The regional hubs will deliver science-based knowledge and practical information to farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners to support climate change-related decision making. The seven hubs will be a collaborative effort among the Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Agricultural Research Service and focus on technical support, assessments and regional forecasts, and outreach and education.

Pictured: A map shows U.S. regions for USDA climate change hubs. Click to enlarge.


Special Journal Issue Features International Research

Ge Sun, Eastern Threat Center research hydrologist, and Catalina Segura, North Carolina State University cooperating scientist, served as guest editors for a special issue of the British Journal of Environment and Climate Change. The special issue, themed "Interactions of Forests, Climate, Water Resources, and Humans in a Changing Environment," features Sun and Segura’s guest editorial outlining research needs as well as research results from around the world. Read the special issue…



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