Forest ThreatNet

Volume 7, Issue 2 - March/April 2014

Western Threat Center Highlights

Easy Access to Forest Planning Knowledge is on DECK


US Forest Service Land and Resource Management Plans (LMPs) gather all knowledge for a specific National Forest or project and represent a substantial investment of time, expertise, and collaboration to maintain or restore sustainable ecosystems and the services they provide. Currently, LMPs exist as documents on each national forest's website or in hardcopy at a forest or district office. The Forest Plan Database and Exchange of Current Knowledge (FP_DECK) is a web-based planning tool in development by the Eastern and Western Threat Centers designed to compile LMPs in a single location and make them electronically accessible to all.

FP_DECK will allow users, such as Forest Service planners and managers, to easily search for a stand type, or a management area, such as campgrounds or research national areas within a single plan or across multiple LMPs as templates to develop appropriate, consistent management plans, or to explore plan direction at different operational scales within a Forest. FP_DECK will also support users who need to translate stand or habitat types among federal and state agencies and states. With these features as well as geospatial mapping capabilities, the ultimate goal of FP_DECK is to improve information exchange and to promote management consistency and  communication. The FP_DECK project is a partnership effort involving multiple regions from the National Forest System. A prototype FP_DECK website is expected later in 2014.

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Right: Malheur National Forest, northeastern Oregon—Photo by Dave Powell, USDA Forest Service,


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