Forest ThreatNet

Volume 8, Issue 1 - March/April 2015

Center News, Publications, Products, and Events

New Publications and Products (search Treesearch for all pubs and abstracts):

  • Withrow, J.R., E.L. Smith, F.H. Koch, and D. Yemshanov. 2015. Managing outbreaks of invasive species — A new method to prioritize preemptive quarantine efforts across large geographic regions. Journal of Environmental Management 150:367-377.
  • Oswalt, C.M., S. Fei, Q. Guo, B.V. Iannone III, S.N. Oswalt, B.C. Pijanowski, and K.M. Potter. 2015. A subcontinental view of forest plant invasions. NeoBiota 24:49-54.
  • Zhang, Y., B. Zheng, G. Sun, and P. Fan. 2015. The American lawn revisited: awareness education and culture as public policies toward sustainable lawn. Problemy Ekorozwojo/Problems of Sustainable Development 10(1):107-115.

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