Forest ThreatNet

Volume 8, Issue 3 - July/August 2015

Expanding the Use of Respected Science

by Sarah Workman, Extension and Technology Transfer Specialist

Sarah WorkmanMaking practical tools and products based on respected science is on the 'to do' list for the Eastern and Western Threat Centers. For example, our research groups have successfully launched ArcFuels, ForWarn, Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (TACCIMO), Seed Zone Mapper, and Water Supply Stress Index (WaSSI) – all generated from work by Center scientists. The Eastern Threat Center’s work through the National Science and Analysis Team that evaluated risks and trade-offs associated with various wildland fire management alternatives continues to hold promise for national guidance though increasingly challenging wildfire seasons. Center scientists have been collaborating to develop a unique invasive plant database from the national Forest Inventory and Analysis program and have made contributions to the North American Carbon Program biometric database. Map products that visualize a variety of issues across the landscape will soon be published as part of the new Southern Research Station Research Map Series. The U.S. Forest Service Research & Development program provides a national showcase for many Center publications and products, archived datasets, and examples of tool applications such as TACCIMO, which bridges managers’ information needs during development of Forest Plans and State Assessments.

It's been an interesting and inspiring introduction to these efforts since I joined the Eastern Threat Center a year ago, and it's clear that many opportunities exist for getting Center science into the hands of more users who can benefit from these outputs – from Regional Planners to national and state forests to academic partners and other work units. Emerging emphasis on sharing information and synthesizing data about ecosystem services from our forests and grasslands as well as options for new collaborative work with sister research and land management agencies give me additional motivation to develop messages to support users of Center products. I kindly invite Center partners to contact me to discuss ideas for further expansion of technology transfer and extension of Threat Center tools and products. Let's work together to enlarge the audience for our good science!

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