Forest ThreatNet

Volume 8, Issue 4 - September/October 2015

Message from the Director: Reflections on Transitions

Danny C. LeeIt's October and the hills surrounding Asheville, North Carolina, are ablaze. Fortunately, it’s not wildfire, but rather the striking autumn spectacle of the Eastern deciduous forest with the yellows, reds, oranges, and purples that capture the eye and the imagination. It’s perhaps my most favorite time of the year to be in the woods. October is a time of transition for the forests and, coincidentally, a time of transition for us as well—marking the beginning of a new fiscal year.

We begin each year by looking back to see where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished, and then look ahead to the coming year. At the Eastern Threat Assessment Center, we have a lot to be proud of in 2015. Follow the link below to our accomplishment highlights and I think you’ll agree that it’s been a busy and productive year.

Our staff continues to discover new insights, create new tools, and share those products with other scientists and land managers. Taken individually, it’s an impressive list. There are few environmental threats that we don’t address in some direct or tangential way. Less apparent but perhaps more important is the interconnectedness of all these efforts. There’s tremendous leveraging that occurs among expertise and technology, where we both help and learn from each other and partners. In an era of shrinking budgets and manpower it’s the only way to continue to be successful. It’s one of our greatest strengths, and so I look back with pride and ahead with great anticipation and excitement.

- Danny C. Lee

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