Forest ThreatNet

Volume 9, Issue 2 - May/June 2016

Center Scientists Contribute to National Drought Report

National_Drought_Synthesis_cover.jpgIn a changing climate, management actions could help or harm forests facing drought and related disturbances, including wildfires and insect outbreaks. To gain a scientific foundation for management that promotes well-adapted, resilient forests, land managers can look to a new national drought report resulting from U.S. Forest Service and university collaboration. Eastern Threat Center research ecologists Steve Norman, Frank Koch, and Bill Hargrove co-authored a chapter in the report that discusses the fundamental challenges of detecting and monitoring drought impacts at broad scales, describes strengths and weaknesses of existing approaches for doing so, and presents methods for combining these approaches with supporting datasets to assess drought impacts across landscapes. Center research ecologist Ge Sun also contributed to the report in a chapter that examines drought impacts on water quantity and quality and how management options can mitigate negative effects of climate change on water resources. Learn more about the national drought report...

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