Forest ThreatNet

Volume 9, Issue 2 - May/June 2016

Forest and Landowners Workshop Held in Mississippi

Minority_Landowner_9th_anniversary_cover.jpgFor many years, minority landowners have wanted to take steps to maximize the benefits of their forested land but have not known how to go about doing it. A recent workshop held in Meridian, Mississippi, and co-hosted by the Southern Research Station (SRS) and Minority Landowner Magazine provided the first step for many landowners to move beyond this limitation and begin actively managing their forests and generating a regular income. Eastern Threat Center biological scientist Johnny Boggs was among the workshop presenters who addressed topics ranging from an overview of SRS to land ownership, forest threats, non-timber forest products, forest inventory and analysis, and financial assistance programs. “It was a great opportunity to share with minority landowners how our research has improved land management and forest health and productivity across the South," says Boggs. “I have heirs’ property in my own family, so I could certainly relate to many of the landowners in the room who want to know more about how to generate revenue from their land, how to retain land across generations, and how to work through family dynamics when trying to sell timber." Read more in CompassLive...

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