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News Alert Climate Drivers of Carbon Gain and Water Loss in a Southern Appalachian Forest — May 18, 2018 04:26 AM
Soil respiration is part of a giant puzzle – the carbon cycle. Respiration has a flipside: carbon uptake. Trees pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and use it for growth.
News Alert Megafires, Wildland Fires, and Prescribed Burns — May 18, 2018 04:23 AM
A recent study examined how wildland fires, including megafires, and prescribed burns affect river flow. The study is the first nationwide look at fire impacts on surface freshwater resources.
News Alert 2018 Predicted to be Challenging Wildfire Year — May 14, 2018 08:42 AM
In 2018, the Forest Service has more than 10,000 firefighters, 900 engines, and hundreds of aircraft available to manage wildfires in cooperation with federal, tribal, state, local, and volunteer partners.
News Alert A Food Forest Grows in Atlanta — May 07, 2018 07:06 AM
This community forest utilizes agroforestry--agriculture that combines trees and shrubs with agricultural uses to create more healthy and productive land.
News Alert Why the USDA Forest Service Monitors Air Quality during Wildland Fires — May 03, 2018 08:04 AM
Recognizing the growing threat that wildfire smoke poses to the health and safety of the public and fire personnel, the Forest Service partnered with other federal, state and tribal agencies to implement a proactive and determined response.
News Alert New Book on Restoring Longleaf Pine Ecosystems — May 03, 2018 07:56 AM
'Ecological Restoration and Management of Longleaf Pine Forests' integrates ecology, hydrology, wildlife, and silviculture. Its seventeen chapters synthesize decades of research on longleaf pine ecology and restoration in the southeastern coastal plain.
News Alert Agroforestry Strategies for Landowners — May 03, 2018 07:55 AM
Two recent USDA Forest Service publications focus on agroforestry practices.
News Alert Very Crafty Caterpillars — Apr 26, 2018 01:00 PM
Habitat loss, pesticide use, and non-native invasive species are the three main threats to butterflies and other pollinators.
News Alert Why Native Plants Are Best — Apr 24, 2018 07:10 AM
Plants do not grow in isolation from insects, birds, and other creatures – they form relationships that are essential to each other’s existence.
News Alert The U.S. Drought Monitor: A Resource for Farmers, Ranchers and Foresters — Apr 20, 2018 04:57 AM
Even before the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s, agricultural producers have recognized the economic and emotional devastation that drought can cause.
News Alert Where Your Front Door Meets the Forest — Apr 19, 2018 07:24 AM
The Wildland Urban Interface is the most challenging area of the forest for wildland firefighters to suppress fire.
News Alert Post-Fire Mortality for Southern Hardwoods — Apr 19, 2018 07:03 AM
Does prescribed burning affect the intended species as expected?
News Alert Cities and Communities in the U.S. Losing 36 Million Trees a Year — Apr 19, 2018 07:00 AM
Scientists with the USDA Forest Service estimate that between 2009 and 2014, tree cover in the Nation’s urban/community areas declined by 0.7 percent. Pavement and other impervious cover increased at a rate of about 167,000 acres a year during the same period.
News Alert Hardwood Tree Grade and Harvesting in Kentucky and Tennessee — Apr 13, 2018 10:14 AM
Is the supply of higher graded timber decreasing? A variety of evidence suggests it may be.
News Alert Helping Forestland Owners Navigate the Tax Code — Apr 09, 2018 06:15 AM
Since Congress overhauled the federal tax code in December 2017, forest landowners and timber business owners have scrambled to figure out how the new changes will affect them in 2018.
News Alert Invasive Plants Follow Land Abandonment after Hurricane Katrina — Mar 26, 2018 06:22 AM
Regrowth is explained by social and economic factors.
News Alert Chinese Tallow Litter and Tadpoles — Mar 15, 2018 10:24 AM
Even modest Chinese tallow invasions could significantly alter water chemistry, affecting the behavior and survival of native frogs and toads.
News Alert Mowing the Lawn Less Often Improves Bee Habitat — Mar 13, 2018 11:10 AM
Backyards can be a surprisingly beneficial habitat for bees.
News Alert Areas where homes, forests mix increased rapidly over two decades — Mar 13, 2018 05:00 AM
Over a 20-year period, the nation's wildland urban interface expanded by more than 46 million acres, an area that is larger than Washington State.
News Alert Improving the resiliency and productivity of farmlands through agroforestry — Mar 08, 2018 05:36 AM
Drawing upon the most current science, a new report report shows how tree-based management strategies can improve agricultural production and resiliency, especially under changing environmental conditions.
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