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Burning Forests Impact Water Supplies

After a wildland fire burns away vegetation, rivers may rise. This could provide some relief for water supplies in drought-stricken areas, but there are trade-offs, according to a new study led by Center scientists.

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Photo by Erich Vallery, USDA Forest Service, Bugwood.org.


Why Native Plants Are Best

Plants do not grow in isolation from insects, birds, and other creatures – they form relationships that are essential to each other’s existence.

Chinese Tallow Litter and Tadpoles

Even modest Chinese tallow invasions could significantly alter water chemistry, affecting the behavior and survival of native frogs and toads.

Areas where homes, forests mix increased rapidly over two decades

Over a 20-year period, the nation's wildland urban interface expanded by more than 46 million acres, an area that is larger than Washington State.

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