Climate change fact sheets updated to include latest science

An easy-access information source for National Forests in the Southern US.


Most destructive California fires occur in area of wildland-urban interface with less fuel and more people

Over nearly three decades, half of all buildings destroyed by wildfire in California were located in an area that is described as having less of the grasses, bushes and trees that are thought to fuel fire in the wildland-urban interface, or WUI.

How the Baltimore Urban Wood Project is Reclaiming Wood, Lives, and Communities

Post-industrial cities face a suite of interconnected problems. Reusing urban wood can be viewed as a systems solution to a complex problem – a means by which to begin to renew and revitalize lives and communities as well.

How the Forest Service restores public lands now and in the future

The restoration of public lands is accomplished through what the Forest Service calls environmental analysis and decision making, or EADM.

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