Forest ThreatNet

Volume 10, Issue 4 - September/October 2016

Special Journal Issue Addresses Forest Management and Water Resources in a New Era

Waterfall_and_dog_SFarmer.jpgA number of scientists agree that Earth has entered a new epoch: the Anthropocene. In this era dominated by humans and characterized by their impacts on the environment, including drastic increases in the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide and subsequent changes in climate, managers face substantial challenges on forested lands and watersheds--critical sources of drinking water. Eastern Threat Center research hydrologist Ge Sun and Southern Research Station project leader Jim Vose co-edited a special issue of the journal Forests that examines the interactions among forests, water, climate change, and humans and covers topics such as soil moisture, wildfire, streamflow, land use, and modeling studies. The issue also includes an article by Sun and Vose about the interactions between emerging global threats and forest water resources and ecosystems. “A key question is whether existing strategies for protecting water resources will be relevant to future conditions,” says Sun. “Managers need flexible tools that account for thinning, prescribed fire, and other management strategies.” Read more in CompassLive...

Pictured: The connections among forests, water, climate change, and humans will become increasingly important in the face of climate change. Photo by Sarah Farmer, U.S. Forest Service.

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