Forest ThreatNet

Volume 11, Issue 4 - Fall 2017

Experimental Forest Tour Advances Science and Collaboration Across the South

Experimental_forest_tour_group.jpgMany Southern Research Station (SRS) scientists and technicians work on or use data from experimental forests but have never seen experimental forests in other parts of the southern region. Eastern Threat Center research hydrologist Ge Sun was among a group of scientists and technicians who recently had the opportunity to pay a visit to eight experimental forests during a five-day tour. “The tour allowed researchers and technicians to meet their counterparts on other forests,” says SRS scientist Stephanie Laseter, who organized the tour. “We hope this will lead to new collaborations on important science questions.” On the final day of the tour, the participants converged in Oxford, MS, to share their experiences. “These experimental forests provide valuable data for developing and verifying models and tools to answer regional bigger questions," says Sun. "It was very useful for me to see the research sites in person, and I could understand better the issues after the tour.” Planning is underway for similar tours and an experimental forest workshop to be held in mid-2018. Workshop participants will bring together key points from the tours and use that information to develop a framework to advance science across an emerging Experimental Forest and Range network. Read more in CompassLive...

Pictured: Ge Sun, third from right, visits the Stephen F. Austin Experimental Forest in Texas. Photo by Ge Sun, U.S. Forest Service.

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