Forest ThreatNet

Volume 6, Issue 3 - August/September 2013

Center Supports National Wildfire Planning Strategies

Interagency Partnership Enhances Wildfire Management

WUIfire.jpgRepresentatives from federal and state agencies, tribes, non-governmental organizations, and the general public have collaborated for the past few years with a common goal: to develop a plan to "safely and effectively extinguish fire, when needed; use fire where allowable; manage natural resources; and as a Nation, live with wildland fire."

Now, efforts to develop the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy are nearing completion. As part of the Cohesive Strategy’s final phase, Eastern Threat Center Director Danny Lee, research ecologist Steve Norman, biological scientist Bill Christie, and partners from the University of North Carolina Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC) are compiling a report describing potential policy options that can influence human and ecological losses resulting from wildland fire. Lee, Norman, Christie, and NEMAC partners serve on a science and analysis team which has closely examined risks and trade-offs associated with various wildland fire management alternatives. Learn more on the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy website.

Pictured: A raging wildfire threatens a home on the wildland urban interface. Photo courtesy of Jayson Coil, USDA Forest Service Fire & Aviation Management.


Climate Change Resource Center Explores Wildfire Connection

Recent fire seasons have raised important questions about the interactions between climate change, wildfire, and other forest stressors. The Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center is helping users explore these relationships. Resources include the Wildland Fire and Climate Change topic page, which introduces the connection and offers recommended reading and links to browse. Users can also explore how changing climates, invasive plants, and wildfire might interact to influence wildlife habitats in a video on fish, and in a newly published topic page on birds.


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