Forest ThreatNet

Volume 9, Issue 2 - May/June 2016

Panelists Bring “WoW” Factor to Women’s Workplace Challenges and Solutions

Participants from the Women of Wildlife panel discussionIn your day-to-day life, what obstacles prevent you from achieving your goals at work? Upon reflection, each person may have a different and personal response to this question. When posed to a group of women with common work environments, some similar challenges emerge. Three professionals from The Wildlife Society’s “Women of Wildlife” (WoW) committee engaged this question in conversation during a panel discussion at the 49th Joint Annual Meeting of the Arizona and New Mexico Chapters of The Wildlife Society and the Arizona-New Mexico Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, recently held in Flagstaff, Arizona. Despite occupying the multi-day meeting’s final time slot, the audience for the panel discussion was large, energetic – and not just women. “It was an amazing turnout of women and men, and our panel fostered great discussion among the audience,” says Serra Hoagland, a biological scientist with the Eastern Threat Center and an early career age group panelist.“Discussions like this are so helpful to start the dialogue and gain momentum and support for women and other underrepresented groups." Read more in CompassLive...

Pictured: Kathy Granillo, Kay Nicholson, Serra Hoagland, and Carol Chambers (left to right) participated in the WoW panel discussion on February 6th. Photo by Ehren Keltz, Northern Arizona University.

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