Eastern Threat Center researchers work with other scientists nationally as well as with a variety of Federal, State, and local government agencies, universities, and non-governmental partners to address forest threats.

Select the titles on this page to learn more about the Eastern Threat Center's projects and collaborations related to climate change and pollution. View a staff resource guide to learn more about researchers studying these topics.

New and ongoing projects:

Assessing genetic variation of forest tree species at riskMountain stream - Photo by Rod Kindlund, Southern Research Station

Climate, population, and vegetation cover change impacts on water supply and demand, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity across the conterminous U.S. (WaSSI model)

Developing indicators of forest biodiversity and ecosystem function across broad regions

Earth System Modeling Project

Forest health monitoring, analysis, and assessment

International collaboration research with China: the U.S.-China Carbon Consortium

LanDAT: the Landscape Dynamics Assessment Tool

Nitrogen fertilization impacts on high elevation spruce forests, Mount Ascutney, VT

Prioritizing tree species for conservation and management in changing times

Systematic assessment of coarse scale, national level and fine scale, special interest area critical load

Understanding the drivers and impacts of Appalachian fire regimes

USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub

Yellow birch and acid deposition in the Southern Appalachians

Completed projects:

Assessing forest tree risk of extinction and genetic degradation from climate change

Assessing forest carbon sequestration and water supply interactions as influenced by climate and management practices

Assessment of disturbance impacts on U.S. forest carbon sequestration

Assessment of ecosystem services and environmental threats across the Appalachians

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Management Options (CCAMMO)

Climate Change Resource Center

Effects of nitrogen deposition on high elevation spruce-fir and deciduous forests across the northern U.S.

Effects of timber harvest on streamflow and water quality in small watersheds in the Piedmont of JohnnyBoggs_weir.pngNorth Carolina

Effects of "Urbanness" on land surface phenology

Influence of nitrogen deposition on Southern Appalachian deciduous forests

Nitrogen deposition and water stress: predisposing factors to southern pine beetle infestation and subsequent mortality of red spruce species, Mount Mitchell, NC

Ozone monitoring and environmental effects analysis

PINEMAP: Mapping the future of southern pine management in a changing world


Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (TACCIMO)

Understanding soil and watershed hydrology

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