Eastern Threat Center researchers work with other scientists nationally as well as with a variety of Federal, State, and local government agencies, universities, and non-governmental partners to address forest threats.

Select the titles on this page to learn more about the Eastern Threat Center's projects and collaborations related to invasive plants. View a staff resource guide to learn more about researchers studying this topic.

New and ongoing projects:

Assessment of ecosystem services and environmental threats across the Appalachians

Developing indicators of forest biodiversity and ecosystem function across broad regions

Forest health monitoring, analysis, and assessment


Invasive species prefer certain habitats

Plant traits can often determine invasives potential

Completed projects:

Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) impacts on riparian forest structure and function, and improved techniques for its management: 5-year post-treatment evaluation

Reprinting Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests

The live plant forest pest invasion pathway: economic impacts and benefits of US live plant imports

Pictured: Chinese privet in May - Photo by James H. Miller and Ted Bodner, Southern Weed Science Society,

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