Landscape Dynamics Assessment Tool (LanDAT)

With funding support from the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC), Eastern Threat Center scientists are developing the Landscape Dynamics Assessment Tool (LanDAT) to help natural resource conservation practitioners monitor and assess impacts on changing landscapes and the ecological services and benefits they provide to people.

LanDAT logoLanDAT features a web-based map viewer that includes an annually-updated set of spatial data products. With the LanDAT viewer, users can visualize broad patterns in vegetation change at large scales and better understand how landscape properties support or compromise ecosystem services. Findings can be applied to local and regional monitoring, planning, and management decisions.

To assist new users, the LanDAT website offers a comprehensive overview and case studies of forest threats and their impacts to specific natural resources. Training and assistance are available. For more information, a full list of project partners, and upcoming training events, visit the LanDAT website or contact:

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