First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs)


2010 Archived FFACCTs presentations

A Multi-Phase Approach to Assessing Potential Changes in Eastern U.S. Tree Distributions

Dec 03, 2010

presented by Louis Iverson, Northern Research Station (co-authors Anantha Prasad, Stephen Matthews, and Matthew Peters)

  • Climate Change, Land Use, and Latitudinal Shift of Introduced Species - presented by Qinfeng Guo, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center

Global Tree Range Shifts under Forecasts from Two Alternative Global Climate Models Using Two Future Scenarios

Dec 03, 2010

presented by William Hargrove, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center (co-authors Kevin M. Potter, Frank H. Koch, and Forrest M. Hoffman)

Collaboration with Mexico to Reduce Deforestation and Forest Degradation

Oct 01, 2010

presented by Craig Wayson, Northern Research Station

Future Wildfire Potential Trends in the South - presented by Yongqiang Liu, Southern Research Station

An Overview of the SPRUCE Experiment at the Marcell Experimental Forest

Sep 03, 2010

presented by Stephen Sebestyen, Northern Research Station

  • Potential Changes in Transpiration with Shifts in Species Composition Following Hemlock Loss - presented by Chelcy Ford, Southern Research Station's Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory

  • Hemlocks Declining Fast (Compass magazine, Issue 10)
Predicting Forest Dieback in Maine, USA: A Simple Model Based on Soil Frost and Drought

Aug 06, 2010

presented by Allen Auclair, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, in cooperation with Warren Heilman, Northern Research Station

Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options

Aug 06, 2010

presented by Steve McNulty, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center

Climate Change Response Framework for Landscape Management: A case study

Jun 04, 2010

presented by Chris Swanston, Northern Research Station and Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science


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