First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs)


2012 Archived FFACCTs presentations

What is PINEMAP and how could it help you?

Dec 07, 2012

presented by Heather Dinon, State Climate Office of North Carolina

Notes from December 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from December 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Biomass and bioenergy research in Northern Forest Futures Project and its importance for the National Forest System

Nov 02, 2012

presented by Michael Goerndt, University of Missouri postdoctoral fellow working with the Northern Research Station, 11/2/12

Notes from November 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from November 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Climate Change and the 2012 Planning Rule

Sep 07, 2012

presented by Anthony Erba; Director of Planning, Appeals, Litigation, and Landscape-Scale Conservation; Forest Service Eastern Region

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Notes from September 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from September 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Water Supply Stress Index (WaSSI) Model

Aug 03, 2012

presented by Peter Caldwell, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center

Notes from August 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from August 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Foresters counting atoms: the U.S. forest carbon inventory

May 04, 2012

presented by Christopher W. Woodall and Grant M. Domke, Northern Research Station

Notes from May 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from May 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)

Integrating future change into conservation planning in the South Atlantic region

Feb 03, 2012

presented by Rua Mordecai, South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Notes from February 2012 FFACCTs (PDF)


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