First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs)


2011 Archived FFACCTs presentations

Introduction to the DOI Southeast Climate Science Center

Dec 02, 2011

presented by Jerry McMahon, Director, Southeast Climate Science Center

A Large and Persistent Carbon Sink in the World's Forests

Nov 04, 2011

presented by Yude Pan and Rich Birdsey, Northern Research Station

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Southern Forest Futures Project

Oct 07, 2011

presented by Dave Wear, Southern Research Station

Online Carbon Calculators from the Northern Research Station

Aug 05, 2011

presented by Mark Twery, Northern Research Station

Managing Forests in an Uncertain Climate

Jun 03, 2011

presented by Steve McNulty, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center

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Monitoring and Modeling Stream Temperature Response to Climate Change: Lessons Learned from the Northwestern U.S. with Utility for Other Parts of the Country

May 06, 2011

presented by Daniel Isaak, Rock Mountain Research Station

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Carbon, Climate, and Energy Connections Associated with Short Rotation Woody Crops

Apr 01, 2011

presented by Ron Zalesny, Northern Research Station

A Framework for Assessing the Relative Risk of Genetic Degradation to Forest Trees Affected by Climate Change and Other Threats

Mar 04, 2011

presented by Kevin Potter, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center and North Carolina State University

State of the Climate: Recent Developments

Feb 04, 2011

presented by Deke Arndt, Climate Monitoring Branch Chief, NOAA's National Climatic Data Center

Sensitivity of Water Yield Response to Potential Changes in Forest Cover and Climate in the U.S.

Jan 07, 2011

presented by Ge Sun, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center


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