Forest ThreatNet

Volume 12, Issue 1 - Winter 2018

Publications, Products, Events, and More

  • From 2010–2017, the Eastern Threat Center hosted monthly First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs). Beginning in March, the Forest Service office of Sustainable Forest Management Research will begin hosting FFACCTs with fresh information about research on forests and grasslands at a later time (12:00 ET). Rocky Mountain Research Station scientists Megan Friggens and Katelyn Driscoll will kick off the new FFACCTs on March 2 with a presentation on the After Fire Toolkit. View the flyer, and contact Anne Marsh, National Program Lead for Climate Change Research, for more information.Forest_Service_RD_newsletter.jpg

Select New Publications

  • Brooks, B.-G. J., D.C. Lee, L.Y., Pomara, W.W. Hargrove, and A.R. Desai. 2017. Quantifying seasonal patterns in disparate environmental variables using the PolarMetrics R package. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops 296-302.
  • Duan, K., G. Sun. S. McNulty, P.V. Caldwell, E.C. Cohen, S. Sun, H.D. Aldridge, D. Zhou, L. Zhang, and Y. Zhang. 2017. Future shift of the relative roles of precipitation and temperature in controlling annual runoff in the conterminous United States. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 21:5517-5529.
  • Jaime, X.A., S.J. Van Bloem, F.H. Koch, and. S. A.C. Nelson. 2017. Spread of common native and invasive grasses and ruderal trees following anthropogenic disturbances in a tropical dry forest. Ecological Processes 6:38.
  • Visit Treesearch for access to more than 50,000 full-text, peer-reviewed Forest Service publications.

Personnel Updates

Jennifer_Moore_Myers.jpgJennifer Moore Myers, who has served as a resource information specialist with the Eastern Threat Center, has begun a new role as a science writer with the Southern Research Station. Jennifer joined the Center in 2007 by way of the Southern Global Change Program and was recently honored for 20 years of federal service. Congratulations, Jennifer!


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