First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs)


JacksRiverFalls.jpgFrom 2010–2017, the Eastern Threat Center hosted First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs), monthly information sharing forums featuring presentations about research activities focused on climate change impacts to forest ecosystems. Forest Service scientists and partners participated in the web-based meeting on the first Friday of every month. While these calls were research focused, participants internal and external to the Forest Service were encouraged to join the discussion. Presentations and other resources are archived below.

2017 Archived FFACCTs presentations

Introducing LanDAT: a new tool for assessing landscape change and resilience

Dec 01, 2017

presented by Danny C. Lee and Lars Pomara, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center

Notes from December 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from December 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

Considering forest and grassland carbon in land management

Oct 06, 2017

presented by Maria Janowiak, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Notes from October 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from October 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

USDA Forest Service Climate Change Education Modules: Something for Everyone

May 05, 2017

presented by Kailey Marcinkowski, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science / Michigan Technological University

Notes from May 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from May 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

Collaborating to Address Climate Change around the Globe

Apr 07, 2017

presented by Sasha Gottlieb, U.S. Forest Service International Programs

Notes from April 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from April 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

Managing for a Delicious Ecosystem Service under Climate Change: Can United States Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Syrup Production be Maintained in a Warming Climate?

Feb 03, 2017

presented by Stephen Matthews, Northern Research Station / Ohio State University (based on the companion paper published in the International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management)

Notes from February 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)

Agenda from February 2017 FFACCTs (PDF)


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