Forest ThreatNet

Volume 6, Issue 2 - June/July 2013

Center News, Publications/Products, and Events

  • Eastern Threat Center research ecologist Steve McNulty joined the Southeast Watershed Forum Board of Directors for 2013.
  • The Center’s Parker Tract is among 11 long-term core sites in the Department of Energy’s AmeriFlux network that monitors ecosystem health and function.
  • AllCulturesLuncheon_2013.jpgThe August First Friday All Climate Change Talks will feature Michigan Tech’s Linda Nagel, PhD, presenting the Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change Project.
  • Center research ecologist Bill Hargrove will present a Landscape Science webinar on June 25 at 1:00 p.m. (ET), sponsored by the national USDA Forest Service Research and Development office.
  • Right: Eastern Threat Center co-hosts an All Cultures Luncheon featuring Minority Landowner publisher Victor Harris (left).
  • New Publications and Products (search Treesearch for all pubs and abstracts):

    - Yemshanov, D., F.H. Koch, M. Ducey, and K. Koehler. 2013. Mapping ecological risks with a portfolio-based technique: incorporating uncertainty and decision-making preferences. Diversity and Distributions 19:567-579.

    - Huang, L., H. Chen, H. Ren, J. Wang, and Q. Guo. 2013. Effect of urbanization on the structure and functional traits of remnant subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests in South China. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 185:5003-5018.

    Landscape.Ecology_book.jpg- Boggs, J.L., G. Sun, D. Jones, and S.G. McNulty. 2013. Effect of soils on water quantity and quality in piedmont forested headwater watersheds of North Carolina. Journal of American Water Resources Association 49(1):132-150.

    - Sun, G. and Y. Liu. 2013. Chapter 15 Forest Influences on Climate and Water Resources at the Landscape to Regional scale. In: Fu, B. and Bruce, K. J. (Eds). Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Environment and Culture, Springer, 2013. Pp309-334.

    - The new staff resource guide is a great reference to connect with Center forest scientists, in-house collaborators, and research support staff.

    KRiitters_scientist.card.jpg- New and updated fact sheets reflect current Center research and projects, including ForWarn, the Comparative Risk Assessment Framework and Tools, climate and severe weather, and invasive species.

    - Research ecologist Kurt Riitters is featured among the Forest Service Natural Inquirer scientists’ cards – a great resource for schools!

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