Forest ThreatNet

Volume 6, Issue 4 - October/November 2013

Center News, Publications, Products, and Events

  • North Carolina State University cooperating scientists Guofang Miao, Keren Cepero, and Jihong Song have joined the Center in collaborative research activities. Welcome!
  • Research ecologist Frank Koch has been appointed to represent Forest Service Research & Development as part of the Forest Health Monitoring national management team.
  • ECohen_scientist.card.jpgThe December First Friday All Climate Change Talks will feature Northern Research Station’s Lindsey Rustad discussing "Smart Forests for the 21st Century – How Wired Forests are Changing the Way We Do Science." 
  • A new video highlights the ForWarn forest monitoring tool and how Center researchers helped water managers in Asheville, NC, investigate an unexpected forest disturbance.
  • Center researchers reveal their most exciting discoveries and share their stories about becoming scientists in a new series of scientists’ cards for middle school students.
  • Highlights of the Eastern Threat Center’s accomplishments in research, science delivery, and partnerships in 2013 are now available online.

New Publications and Products (search Treesearch for all pubs and abstracts):

  • NeoBiota18.jpgKoch, F.H.*, D. Yemshanov, and R.A. Haack. 2013. Representing uncertainty in a spatial invasion model that incorporates human-mediated dispersal. NeoBiota 18:173-191.

*Research ecologist Frank Koch served as a contributing author, manuscript reviewer, and associate editor for this special issue of NeoBiota.

  • Potter, K.M. and W.W. Hargrove. 2013. Quantitative metrics for assessing predicted climate change pressure on North American tree species. Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural Resource Sciences 5(2):151-169.
  • DrylandEastAsia_cover.jpgSun, G. et al. 2013. Impacts of Global Change on Water Resources in Dryland East Asia. In Chen, J., S. Wan, G. Henebry, J. Qi, G. Gutman, G. Sun**, and M. Kappas (eds): Dryland East Asia: Land Dynamics amid Social and Climate Change. HEP & DeGruyter. Chapter 8.

**Research hydrologist Ge Sun served as a co-editor and contributing author for this book.

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