Forest ThreatNet

Volume 7, Issue 1 - January/February 2014

Center News, Publications, Products, and Events

  • ForWarn_Colorado.jpgLisa Jennings, North Carolina State University (NCSU) cooperator and TACCIMO climate change outreach specialist, has joined the National Forests in North Carolina’s Grandfather Ranger District as a natural resources specialist. Congratulations, Lisa!
  • NCSU cooperators Jonah Freedman and Sarah Wiener have joined the Eastern Threat Center as TACCIMO content developers. Welcome, Jonah and Sarah!
  • February’s First Friday All Climate Change Talks will feature Northern Research Station’s Richard Birdsey discussing “Research Support for National Forest System Carbon Assessments.”
  • Center scientists and staff advanced forest science to support sustainable management through a variety of research, science delivery, and partnership activities in 2013.
  • Center scientists create posters that help communicate research and engage audiences in conversation, especially at meetings, conferences, and other events.
  • View highlights of forest disturbance monitoring using the ForWarn tool.

Right: ForWarn researchers are tracking the interactive effects of drought, spruce beetles, and fire in Colorado.

New Publications and Products (search Treesearch for all pubs and abstracts): 

  • Riitters, K., K. Potter, and B. Tkacz. 2013. Forest health monitoring in the United States: focus on national reports. In: Proceedings of International Symposium on Forest Health. Seoul, Korea: Korea Forest Research Institute pp. 12-27.
  • Xie, J., J. Chen, G. Sun, H. Chu, A. Noormets, Z. Ouyang, R. John, S. Wan, and W. Guan. 2014. Long-term variability and environmental control of the carbon cycle in an oak-dominated temperate forest. Forest Ecology and Management 313: 319-328.
  • Ren, H., Q. Guo, H. Liu, J. Li, Q. Zhang, H. Xu and F. Xu. 2014. Patterns of alien plant invasion across coastal bay areas in southern China. Journal of Coastal Research. In press.

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