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EFETAC researchers and cooperating scientists have authored and co-authored numerous publications describing research that supports natural resource management and decision making. Select a title below to read journal and magazine articles, or search for publications by author, title, or keyword using the search feature on the right side of this page.


Publication Climatic controls on watershed reference evapotranspiration varied during 1961−2012 in Southern China
Publication Coastal wetland resilience to climate variability: a hydrologic perspective
Publication Data on projections of surface water withdrawal, consumption, and availability in the conterminous United States through the 21st century
Publication Understanding the role of regional water connectivity in mitigating climate change impacts on surface water supply stress in the United States
Publication Water yield responses to gradual changes in forest structure and species composition in a subboreal watershed in Northeastern China


Publication Automated geospatial models of varying complexities for pine forest evapotranspiration estimation with advanced data mining
Publication Correspondence: reply to ‘Flawed assumptions compromise water yield assessment’
Publication Drought and thinning have limited impacts on evapotranspiration in a managed pine plantation on the southeastern United States coastal plain
Publication Ecohydrological processes explain urban dry island effects in a wet region, southern China
Publication Prospects for the sustainability of social-ecological systems (SES) on the Mongolian Plateau: five critical issues
Publication Understanding coastal wetland hydrology with a new regional‐scale, process‐based hydrological model
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