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Eastern Threat Center researchers and cooperating scientists have authored and co-authored numerous publications describing research that supports natural resource management and decision making. Select a title to read the publication, or use the search feature to find publications by author, title, or keyword.


Publication Long-term variability in the water budget and its controls in an oak-dominated temperate forest
Publication Multi-agency Oregon pilot: Working towards a national inventory and assessment of rangelends using onsite data
Publication Patterns of alien plant invasion across coastal bay areas in southern China
Publication Patterns of forest phylogenetic community structure across the United States and their possible forest health implications
Publication Plant hybridization: the role of human disturbance and exotic invasion
Publication Potential impacts of climate change on soil erosion vulnerability across the conterminous United States
Publication Productivity as related to diversity and age in planted versus natural forests
Publication Quantifying legacies of clearcut on carbon fluxes and biomass carbon stock in northern temperate forests
Publication Role of aquaporin activity in regulating deep and shallow root hydraulic conductance during extreme drought
Publication Scale effects and variability of forest–water yield relationships on the Loess Plateau, China
Publication SimilarityExplorer: A Visual Inter-comparison Tool for Multifaceted Climate Data
Publication Spatial scaling of non-native fish richness across the United States
Publication Species invasions on islands: searching for general patterns and principles
Publication Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options: TACCIMO User Guide Version 2.2
Publication The cost of gypsy moth sex in the city
Publication The influence of prescribed fire and burn interval on fuel loads in four North Carolina forest ecosystems
Publication The rise of the mediocre forest: why chronically stressed trees may better survive extreme episodic climate variability
Publication There is no silver bullet: the value of diversification in planning invasive species surveillance
Publication Tree root systems competing for soil moisture in a 3D soil-plant model
Publication Tribal Colleges and Universities: A Critical Link in Indian Education and Workforce Development
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