Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Workshops Bring Together Scientists, Extension Professionals, and Policy Makers

CornfieldThe Eastern Threat Center-hosted USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH) held a Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Workshop that brought together researchers, USDA staff, extension, natural resource management professionals, private industry, and land owners around the topics of mitigating and adapting to climate change for more resilient and productive working lands. Topics included climate information communication, relationships between mitigation and adaptation, forestry, agriculture, agroforestry, rangeland, and livestock. The workshop supported Secretary Vilsack’s “Ten Building Blocks for Adapting to and Mitigating Climate Change” and was conducted in an innovative format, using a series of webinar lectures over two days. By conducting the workshop virtually, over 70 participants were able to attend without travel costs and nearly no carbon footprint. Partners from the University of Georgia and the Climate Learning Network recorded the webinars and produced them into online courses, which are now available on demand and in perpetuity.

Pictured: Soil health is one of the Secretary’s building blocks for climate smart agriculture and forestry, and cover cropping is one adaptive management practice that can help landowners retain water and organic matter in the soil, which increases their resilience to more frequent or severe droughts. Photo by Ron Nichols, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Steve McNulty

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