Working Group Builds on Best Practices to Aid Conservation Policy and Resource Management

Agencies that foster scientific knowledge exchange must maximize their effectiveness and societal relevance in times of global change. A working group brought together practitioners and researchers to review and develop evidence-based approaches to knowledge exchange that support conservation policy and resource management decisions.

Working group participantsAn Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center researcher was among the participants in a three-day working group focused on improving scientific knowledge exchange to address land conservation and natural resource governance challenges in Tennessee and the broader Southern Appalachian region, which are anticipated to escalate as trends in global change continue to unfold. Experts in watershed management, hurricane response and recovery, and ecological disaster remediation engaged in discussion and shared their experiences of knowledge exchange, including existing processes that are capable of meeting needs as well as processes that are needed to meet future governance challenges. The working group dissected successes and shortcomings of knowledge exchange models intended to aid managers and practitioners as part of a participatory learning approach to elevate researchers’ awareness of the social and technical framework in which management decisions are made. The two ultimate goals of the working group are to produce a published article on the working group’s findings and to incorporate a variety of lessons into knowledge exchange with planners and managers who must make important and timely science-based decisions, such as foresters, disaster response agencies, and municipal councils. 

Pictured: Center ecologist Bjorn Brooks (back row, center) was among the working group participants. Photo by National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis.


Forest Service Partners/Collaborators: Forest Inventory and Analysis

External Partners/Collaborators: National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis

Contact: Bjorn Brooks, Ecologist,  

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