Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (TACCIMO)

USDA Forest Service Southern Region and Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment Center

TACCIMO--Science at your FingertipsSUMMARY: Eastern and Western Threat Center researchers are collaborating with forest managers and planners to develop the Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (TACCIMO), a web information interface intended to facilitate the integration of climate change science into land management planning. The overarching goal is to provide forest managers and planners with the best available science they need to effectively and efficiently sustain forests and the services they provide under a changing climate. Functionally, this means facilitating the review of current climate change forecasts, effects, management options, and potential impacts on forest management and planning.

STATUS: Complete

EFETAC'S ROLE: Eastern Threat Center researchers are continually expanding and enhancing TACCIMO.

PROGRESS: The TACCIMO development team has generated information to support forest plan revision processes for multiple national forests across the United States. Applications for state and private forestry are available.

TACCIMO continues to support the climate change science needs of a spectrum of applications from within and outside the Forest Service. TACCIMO v3.2 was released in May 2016. TACCIMO developers are interested in requests from users who wish to adapt the TACCIMO framework to other subjects beyond climate change (e.g., Science Synthesis Literature Database for the Northwest Forest Plan Area).


TACCIMO suite of tools

Climate Change Resource Center

TACCIMO fact sheet

Climate change fact sheet for Southern Region 2020

Climate change fact sheets for Southern Region (Region 8) National Forests

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit: Incorporating Climate Change Into a New Forest Management Plan

USDA Forest Service Climate Change Considerations in Land Management and Project Planning

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  • Steve McNulty, Eastern Threat Center Research Ecologist, steven.mcnulty@usda.gov or 919-549-406
  • Emrys Treasure, USDA Forest Service Southern Regional Inventory, Monitoring, Assessment, and Climate Change Coordinatoremrys.treasure@usda.gov

Updated June 2018

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